Monday, September 29, 2008

Finding Landscaping Contractors With Good Character

As a follow up to the announcement of the new free contractors directory, I wanted to add some thoughts on finding and hiring a good landscaper or designer. See the post at Landscaping Designers And Contractors Of Character. It's a good read and will give you something to think about if you are planning to use a landscaping contractor or company.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Landscaping Contractors Free Directory Of Landscape Designers

We've just added a new directory to the site. After all, it should live up to its name and offer everything that one would be looking for related to landscape and garden design.

I am surprised that we have the #1 spot for the search term landscape designer. I've never tried to have that spot. Still, it's a good indication that we needed to create a resource for locating landscape design contractors.

So we created a free landscaping contractors directory that also displays portfolios and finished landscape designs created by the contractors and designers. This way, you as a home owner can view the quality and design style of each contractor before you contact them. And there's no cost to contact as many designers as you like.

As a contractor or designer, there's also no cost to add your information, portfolio, contact information, and even an active link back to your site. Advertise for free on The Landscape Design