Monday, April 13, 2009

Patios, Courtyards, And Small Gardens

Designing patios, courtyards, and small gardens is just the same as most any other landscaping except for scale and materials. If you don't have a vision, you'll need pictures and ideas to help you come up with your own plans. Once again, we've got you covered.

We just added a whole new section to our landscaping pictures directory. To start, see patio designs and ideas for a complete collection of patio pictures and ideas that are sure to inspire you.

While there's a fine line between patios and courtyards designs, we felt a need to create two separate directories to do them both justice. See courtyard ideas for a collection of enclosed courtyard pictures and ideas.

Our site has always been big on small garden design ideas. And while any of the other directories mentioned here would be considered as small gardens, there still needs to be some individual principles and guidelines to follow. See small garden design ideas for principles, theory, and ideas for creating small gardens.