Sunday, December 31, 2006

Free Landscaping Plans, Ideas, and articles

As the landscape design site continues to grow in popularity, I find it necessary to add new content and information almost daily. Don't want it to get stale.

Since I'm adding so much landscaping information so fast, a lot of first time visitors miss it. Like the free landscaping plans directory. It's been up for a while but I still get a lot of emails wanting to know where to find free plans and designs. So I know folks aren't finding it.

There's even a new picture gallery up that features hundreds of landscaping ideas for the front yard. But since I don't have a home page link up to it yet, nobody is finding it either.

I've also added several new categories to the original landscaping pictures gallery. I'll try to keep things posted but just keep your eyes open when you're at the site. You're bound to find something new.

Oh ya. And some cool news. Three of my articles are getting published in a national gardening magazine in February. Cool huh? Go to Landscaping And Gardening Articles if you'd like to read some of the latest landscaping articles from my collection.

We'll talk soon.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Creating A Landscaping Plan

Creating a landscape design plan from scratch can be a difficult task for a lot of people. Measuring, drawing, and coming up with good landscaping ideas can be very intimidating.

So I've created a few pages and directories to help you plan, design, and get ideas for your landscaping.

The first page is a simplified and complete guideline for creating a landscaping plan from a plat map or from scratch.

The second resource is a very nice collection of designs and plans which has over 120 free landscaping plans from several of the best designers online and off.

These resources are in addition to the large directory of landscaping pictures from various designers that I've put together and the directory of my own landscaping ideas and designs. I do hope you find these resources useful.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Landscaping Videos And Ideas

Howdy folks. I just wanted to announce a new landscaping ideas project that I'm working on. I'm going to be uploading how to videos of the landscape projects and plans that we create here at S&S Designed Landscaping.

See: Video Landscaping Ideas

As you'll see in the videos, I'm no actor. Being in front of the camera makes me forget a lot of what I want to say. Hopefully, it will get easier.


Even though I'm just getting started with the project, I wanted to go ahead and announce it. As of this writing, there is one video on the site. And by the end of the day there should be more. I'll do my best to add more every week.

Also, as of right now, this site and the videos are free. If bandwidth doesn't get too much, I'll keep it that way. However, if the site gets way popular, I may have to make it a paid membership site just to pay for the bandwidth of running the site.

Check it out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Front yard landscaping ideas. To what extent you can plan landscaping the front yard may be limited by some circumstances that you can’t control. The size of your lot, how your home faces the street, and property lines can all be limiting factors. However, with some careful landscape planning, you may be able to reach a medium of functionality and beauty in the front.

I know that this seems basic and obvious but many times folks simply just don’t know where to start or go with their design. So by first laying out your needed or desired access paths, you could possibly be laying out the framework of your entire design. Not only will it take up a lot of space, but will also create shape, areas to design around, and a visual direction for your landscaping ideas and thoughts.

In creating a convenient, inviting, and attractive entryway to your home and property, you should first think about functionality and then plants and materials later. With the main function of front yard landscaping generally being access, our first design focus would be how and where we enter and exit our homes.

Generally, the most predominant access use is for vehicles and parking. So our first focus should be where we and our guests are going to park and drive in the front. Also, walkway access from these areas to the front door, side door, or any other entry points of the home needs to be considered.

Most folks need a driveway that not only leads to the home but also allows room for offstreet guest parking. So if this is a needed or desired landscaping element, we should start designing with that in mind.

The driveway entrance should be wide enough to comfortably move in and out of. It’s not required but a lot of times it is desirable to also have a way to turn around inside the driveway. This is an added safety factor to keep from having to blindly back out onto busy streets.

If you have room, a circular driveway design usually provides the best access to entries along with the safety factor of drive through. It also provides some shape and an opportunity for landscaping inside of the outer circle of the driveway.

Many times when a complete semi-circle drive isn’t possible, there may be room for a simple cutout addition. This area can also be used as additional parking when needed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be paved as it won’t receive the same amount of use and traffic as the rest of the drive.

Simply widening the driveway in an area can provide additional parking as well as enough room to turn around. Again, this area doesn’t have to be paved or totally improved. It just has to drain well and support the weight of a car.

By first addressing your vehicle access to your home, you’ll have one necessary element taken care of and less area to have to have to plan for. Then by adding foot access from driveway areas to the home, you’ll possibly have the entire framework of your front yard landscaping created.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

free Landscaping Ideas And Pictures

Since the first time I saw one of those fancy online picture and Ideas galleries, I wanted one on my site. What a cool deal. So now I have one. So far and at the time of this writing, it's only two pages and needs a lot of work to look right.

Landscaping Ideas And Pictures

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

After thinking about it and getting past the temptation, I've decided to keep the gallery free. I've kept all the information on the site free from the very beginning. It just doesn't feel right at this point to go commercial.

Still, dont forget my old galleries as they're just as good if not better than this new one.

Old Landscaping Pictures Gallery
Landscaping Ideas Gallery

Check back often. I'll be adding to all directories and galleries daily.


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