Monday, July 26, 2010

Front Yard Landscaping To Restore Curb Appeal

Adding new life to an existing front yard that has no curb appeal is often worth a whole lot more than the time and effort spent on it. If you have plans to refurbish your own front yard landscape, you should use the same rules as designing and landscaping a new front yard. Parking areas and access areas should be figured so that the rest of the landscaping could be a simple task of designing some border beds around them. Still, even with a basic plan like this, a little thought will help to make the landscape look balanced and appealing.

First thing is to assess any problems areas. To get a whole different perspective of the landscaping and entryway, take pictures from several different angles. Now take a look at how your property really looks and write down the problem areas that need changing. Make note of even the smallest details. Are any concrete walks broken or cracked? Are any lawn areas overgrown with weeds? Is the front entryway no longer appealing and inviting?

Get rid of any dead and unwanted shrubs. New ones can be put in their place. Or instead of shrubs, use ornamental grasses to create an entirely different atmosphere in your front yard landscaping ideas. Pruning shrubs and trees will help keep their beauty. When these are allowed to grow unchecked they can make your yard look unkempt and uncared for.

To add a little color and interest, place some large planting containers on either side of your front steps or your walkway. Fill the pots with a combination of ornamentals plants, vines, and colorful flowers. This will brighten your entryway and make it look very welcoming. Planters are also great for changing out different plants at different times of the year.

Something to keep in mind when planting your front landscape is that sometimes less can be more. Rather than using a large variety of plants in your front yard landscaping ideas, create a simple planting plan. Repeat two or three colors and maybe a few evergreens throughout the landscaping and front entry. Doing so will add balance to the design.

To make the entire yard look clean and manicured, edge all walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. See that any entry steps, driveways, or walks are clean and in good shape. Fix any breaks, stains or cracks. Concrete or rock walkways that are cracked and seriously damaged should be repaired or taken out and replaced.

If landscaping styles are too restricted and uninteresting, a few curved planting beds will help add a softer tone. An island bed is also a great addition to add interest to a front yard.

You may want to consider putting in some accent walkway and foundation landscape lighting. Installation is generally easy enough to be a do it yourself job or you can hire a pro do it. As well as the safety factor they provide, they also add elegance to the house and landscaping at night.

One final thought. Take a look at what shape the house is in. A new coat of paint and basic needed repairs can make a hugely possitive change for the home and the landscaping. It doesn't matter how beautiful the landscape is, people won't be able to see it past a home that is in bad shape.

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